Tuesday, January 19, 2010

February 2nd Readings

Our January 2010 Thinking Out Loud launched us with avengence into a new year of thinking and creating. It was a delightfully large group on a very snowy day and the discussion was certainly stimulating.

So, onto our next one! Here's the info.

Date: Tuesday February 2nd - 6:30pm
Place: Dancemakers and the Centre for Creation
Articles: Enter the Dragon: On the Vernacular of Beauty - Dave Hickey (before the break)
WE: Collectivities, Mutualities, and Participations - Irit Rogoff (after the break)

Both are available on aaaarg by following the links, or at the Dancemakers office.

If you want to read the intro to Hickey's book (where the beauty article comes from), check it out here and feel free to read up some background on the Mapplethorpe controversy here. If you are perplexed like I was about Jean Luc Nancy (who Rogoff refers and responds to a lot in the second article, check out some basic wikipedia info here or if you have about two weeks to kill and are feeling inspired, his book Being Singular Plural is here. Of course, none of this supplemental reading is required ... it's just there if you're curious and looking for some more information.

The new format (we spend the first half of the session revisiting an article from the last study group session, and start discussing a new article after the break) was interesting so we are going to try it again. This means we'll get to revisit the Dave Hickey article. Don't worry if you missed the last discussion about it, though - come even if you've never been before! You can also read up about what we discussed on this blog, where the notes are posted (also feel free to comment on them, or start tangential discussions)! We want you and your art practice thoughts with us - at the study group and on the blog.

Oh, and let us know you're coming! There may be cookies, but there may be something even more exciting. Then again, cookies are always pretty good. So is beer and wine, which we will have there (suggested donation).

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